Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a safe space to process life with MacKensie one-on-one. Whether you are grappling with a loss, working through past trauma, navigating life changes, battling unhealthy body image, struggling as a parent, or wrestling with anxiety or depression, MacKensie is here as an anchor for you. These sessions are open to teens and adults.

Family and Parenting Counseling

Family relationships are crucial to our wellbeing. Yet, so often, navigating family dynamics feels like tiptoeing around landmines. Family counseling is a space for all or multiple members of a family to sit down together and engage in the journey to better relationships. MacKensie works with families of all ages, including adult children with elderly parents. These sessions are also a space for parents with young children to receive parenting coaching and practice new skills with MacKensie present.

Fees and Billing

MacKensie’s fee is $80 per session, and all sessions are 50 minutes long. Please contact MacKensie directly if this fee is unrealistic for you, as a sliding scale is available to low-income individuals and families.


We all need an anchor at some point in our lives—someone who helps us stabilize in the midst of life’s storms. As a holistic therapist, I’m here to help you find solid ground and face the raging wind.

While some life situations cannot be changed, I believe every one of my clients can find joy in the life they have. I am particularly interested in working with people who feel invisible, are struggling to work through anger, or are wrestling with a sense of loss, whether that loss is of a loved one, a job, a physical ability, or a dream. These seasons of hurt are opportunities for personal growth, which is why I value cultivating clients’ self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and relationships.

Every individual is different, and I tailor holistic care for each unique client. While no one therapeutic framework fits each case, there are a handful of methods that resonate strongly with me. One is the solution-focused approach, in which I help clients develop and implement realistic solutions based on their strengths. Another favorite is the systems perspective, which requires looking carefully at the client’s life in context, because we are all influenced by human and environmental webs. I also frequently incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, and psychoanalysis.

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