Clinical Supervision

Chelsea provides clinical supervision for those in their formal training as clinicians for counseling therapy, and working toward either LPC or LMFT licensure with the state of Oregon. Drawing on her own personal experience as an intern, she empowers novices with the skills essential to success as a licensed clinician. She works from a holistic approach, incorporating anything from CBT and DBT to Humanistic-Person Centered philosophies when suited as best practice. As an experienced therapist and business owner, Chelsea values the opportunity to journey alongside her clients and interns, serving as a guide, a resource for development, and a mirror of their own personal philosophies and styles in counseling. Please email Chelsea if you are interested in embarking on this journey together


Professional Guidance- Consultation

She works with countless individuals and couples, the topic of work/career and professional growth emerge time and time again. She's discovered a personal passion for decision making and career exploration in my experience with teaching courses in career and guidance. Chelsea believes that what we do is an extension of who we are on many levels, and if we are not happy with the work we are doing, then our personal lives suffer and vice versa. In her work with people in this area of professional development, rich with widespread impact, she enjoys the challenge of helping you hone in on what you love most and find a holistic way to seek growth and balance, and ultimately success. Services of this genre are personally tailored to your need, so please inquire if interested. 



   Chelsea encounters people all the time who do not see a need for counseling but feel that they could benefit from a mentor. Someone with professional experience to inform their outside perspective can be invaluable. Whether it is a transition you are navigating, a relationship you are considering, a pending  education decision, or simply some coaching through any number of decisions that present for you to make, finding a mentor who is a good fit can be a powerful force in helping you become more of who you would like to be. Mentorship used to be a thoroughly supported relationship for many who were new to a field or seeking growth. In our fast paced, over-worked, anxiously driven culture today we take little time for guidance and mentorship and as a result we miss out on valuable insight and wisdom from others experience.