Background :

  • Gottman Institute- Level 3 Marriage & Couples therapist
  • M.A. Counseling (Psychology), 
  • Licensed Practicing Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • B.A. Psychology and Philosophy

Chelsea Bliss Ward

As a holistic therapist and forever student of the ever broadening field of psychotherapy, I find it a unique privilege to grow and share in my understanding of the human experience.  We grapple with life and all its struggles and joys, and the inherent suffering and pain which each of us encounter at some point along our journey. I believe in the power of living life as a whole person, incorporating mind, body and spirit into all entities of life.  As we become more self-aware, we are able to better understand our life experiences and how they impact us. 

My heart is working with couples and families. I find it such a privilege to help families and guide them in their relationship dynamics, expressing needs and wants and effectively communicating with one another. My goal is to give families and couples tools to stay together and form connections that will last them a lifetime. 

I work from an attachment based model of therapy, looking at primary attachment figures early on and the longstanding impact they have on our current view of self and our relationship to others. I incorporate Gottman’s Sound Relationship House and the science of interpsonal dynamics and their impact on our lifelong development of relationship attachment. I use a neuroscience framework as a way of understanding how our interpersonal dynamcis actually shape the way our brain functions and therefore how we view the world. 

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with each of my clients on their life  journey.